2014 Tangible Acupuncture Training Course 01 Only


Lecture 01 (Audio Only) The Flow of Qi in the Body

Lecture 02 (Audio Only) Pre & Post Heaven Influences on Qi

Lecture 03 (Audio Only) Reviewing How We Affect Qi

Video 04: (Audio Only) Questions & Answers

Lecture 05: The Six Qi’s & Their Influence

Lecture 06: The Seven Emotions & Their Influence

Lecture 07: How I See & Affect Patients

Demonstration 01

Demonstration 02

Demonstration 03

Module 02 Lecture & Demonstration Vidoes

Lecture 01: Eight Functions Theory Lecture

Lecture 02: Eight Functions & Liver Qi Lecture

Lecture 03: Manipulating Qi at Points

Lecture 04: Understanding Points vs. Pathways

Lecture 05: The Hand Yangming Channel

Lecture 06: The Honest Truth

Burning Mountain Demonstration


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