64 Attack Methods Form of Yin Style Bagua

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64 Attack Methods Form of Yin Style Bagua w/ Andrew Nugent-Head

The 64 Attack Method Applications featured on this video are the applications to the 64 Attack Method form. Moving from practicing single animal systems to connecting all of them together in a single Chuan Zhang form was a major turning point in my understanding and personal practice of Yin Style Bagua. I originally created it for myself as a memory tool, and for the pleasure of enjoying all 8 animals and their individual attack methods before going about my daily practice in whichever animal I was focused on at the time. I saw it as a daily warm up for the body and the mind, a connection to the physical and internal Qi of each trigram, each attack method.

The more I practiced it and shifted through its different aspects, the more it began to take over my practice. Going through all 64 attack methods several times in a row linked together as one practice began drawing out deeper understandings of each one individually. This would lead me to spend time exploring different animals and their attack methods in relation to each other rather than viewing each animal as something to be practiced on its own. In short, I suddenly found myself practicing in the manner that Dr. Xie always stressed during his teaching years.

In this simple demonstration, I hope you will find the comments, asides, and pointers useful. Whichever YSB animal you prefer to practice, or different style of Bagua, or even different martial art, I hope there is a word or sentence that sparks a whole new field of exploration in your own practice.


64 Attack Methods Introduction

64 Attack Methods Qian Trigram

64 Attack Methods Kan Trigram

64 Attack Methods Zhen Trigram

64 Attack Methods Gen Trigram

64 Attack Methods Kun Trigram

64 Attack Methods Li Trigram

64 Attack Methods Xun Trigram

64 Attack Methods Dui Trigram

64 Attack Methods Final Words


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