ATS Has Moved to Asheville, NC!

Dear Friends,
We have big news here at ATS: after all these years, we have moved our primary office from China to Asheville, NC! Leaving the USA in 1986, I never imagined I would live anywhere else but China for the rest of my life. But if you have been following the news, the incredible pollution, food safety scares, changes in government policies towards foreign residents along with the skyrocketing cost of living lead to deciding to move our family to the fresh air and healthy food focused city of Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Appalachia. We left Beijing in 2010 for the tea mountains of Hangzhou due to the pollution, but this past Spring the smog of the Shanghai industrial triangle reached us even there, leaving us with no place left to raise our children in a safe way.

ATS is still China focused. I will be spending one week a month in our Beijing office to continue our important work documenting 90 year old Dr. Li Hongxiang, the last pre-1949 doctor left still practicing classical Chinese medicine. I will also be teaching acupuncture training programs to the international population of Chinese medical practitioners there seeking the Classical training not available in the hospitals and universities, but after over 25 years, home is once again in the United States.

Here in Asheville, you can expect to see exciting things happen–beginning in 2015, ATS is running extensive in depth training programs in acupuncture and bodywork, as well as our in person/livestream broadcasts of classical herbalism. We will also be setting up a teaching clinic designed so that practitioners can observe Classical Medicine in Clinical Practice, as well as intern as the next step in their training after completing our programs. For myself personally, I am most excited to begin teaching Yin Style Bagua martial arts publicly again, as well as the deeper aspects of the Daoyin practices and my love for training with real weapons. It is an exciting time for us as we look for the right space and establish ourselves in our new home.

Our website has our current 2015 programs listed and more are going up every month–take a look, and I hope you will attend one and visit us in our new home of Asheville, NC!
Andrew Nugent-Head
Asheville, NC
August 21st 2014