ATS Online Content Membership

What Does An ATS Online Content Membership Get You?

At $10 a month, an ATS yearly membership gives you access to our general video library featuring Chinese Medicine, Yin Style Bagua martial arts, Dao De Jing and many other videos as well as access to the seminar footage of any courses you have taken with us. Membership is also a requirement to access the videos for any of ATS’ training programs you wish to attend.

In the general video library, many of the members videos are CEU approved, and those CEU courses are free for ATS Members–simply watch the online videos marked with CEU numbers, download the tests and receive your certificate. With over a hundred hours of video content in our general video library to choose from, that is an incredible deal! Your membership cost may be tax deductible as a professional expense. It also creates royalties for the traditional practitioners featured and helps ATS continue its mission of bringing the best of China’s traditional arts to the world.

How to Join:

01. Click on the Buy Now Button below and pay for your membership. Membership is only purchasable by the year ($120 for 12 months).

02. Your purchase generates an order which we process within 72 hours and send you your username and password. Please be sure to log in and make sure it is working for you!

03. If you have taken any of our programs in the past you wish to view, please be sure to use the note box at checkout or email us with the name, location and dates of the programs you have taken. We will then grant you permissions to those pages after verification from our attendance lists.

04. At the end of your year subscription, you will need to repurchase membership in order to continue accessing video content. When repurchasing, BE SURE to tell us via the note box at checkout or email your existing username so you do not lose your permissions!

MEMBERSHIP IS NON-REFUNDABLE! Please be sure before joining!