Classical Herbalist: Single Herb Discussions

Single Herb Discussions is the ongoing final chapter of JulieAnn Nugent-Head’s Classical Herbalist Online Training Course. The online training course covers the understanding of how to use herbs and formula evolution from the Nei Jing to modern times. On this page, open to all subscription members, JulieAnn goes through an herb by herb single herb discussion. Each week, she brews a single herb for our clinic practitioners to taste and discuss, and then at the end of the week we film her discussing both what the classic books state and what our personal opinions are on the flavor and nature (and thus clinical use of!) of the herb.


Newest Herbs Added:

  1. Tian Men Dong January
  2. Wu Wei Zi January
  3. Xiang Fu December
  4. Huang Qi November

Single Herbs Discussed (alphabetical)

  1. Ai Ye
  2. Bai Shao
  3. Ban Xia, Fa
  4. Ban Xia, Jiang
  5. Chi Shao
  6. Chuan Xiong
  7. Da Huang, Sheng
  8. Dang Gui
  9. Dan Shen
  10. Di Huang, Sheng (Gan)
  11. Di Huang, Shu
  12. Du Huo
  13. Du Zhong
  14. Fang Feng
  15. Ge Gen
  16. Gua Lou
  17. Hong Hua
  18. Huang Qi
  19. Tian Men Dong
  20. Wu Wei Zi
  21. Xiang Fu


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