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ATS’ mission is to preserve, document and disseminate China’s traditional knowledge. Bringing this to you in books, DVDs and videos is an important part of this work. While we offer all of our material for purchase in our store, our pledge to raise the bar of awareness of the traditional arts has led to the decision to post all of our material for free on Youtube.  We think what we are sharing is just that important.

And now, our seminars are approved for CEU credit for licensed practitioners of Chinese medicine. Click here to view our online courses!

Our hard work can’t happen without grants and generous support from the community!  If you find the information in our free online seminars useful, we need your help!  Video cameras and recording equipment, computers for editing, persons behind cameras and in front of computers all cost money. We run one of the most cost efficient non profits in existence, but we still require your support. Support from someone who cares about and benefits from our work.

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