Heavenly Star Points

This article, published in the February 2012 edition of the Journal of Chinese Medicine features a discussion on the most famous points of acupuncture practice: Ma Danyang’s Heavenly Star Points.

According to the Heavenly Star Poem (first recorded in Wang Guorui’s Yuan Dynasty Jade Dragon Classic’s Echo of Bian Que Deity’s Acupuncture), ‘None of the functions of the 360 points are beyond the 11 [Heavenly Star] points’. The same poem states that the clinical effects of using these points can be like ‘like hot water poured upon snow’. This article written by Andrew Nugent-Head explains the history and textual transmission of the Heavenly Star Points of Ma Danyang, and includes comprehensive descriptions of the application of the points and the needling techniques necessary to produce the desired clinical effects.

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The Heavenly Star Points and their clinical application was a featured seminar in London in 2012, and is now available as an Online CEU course. View the recorded footage or sign up for CEUs now by clicking here.