Ma Danyang Points in the Clinic Seminar Lectures London 2012

Like Hot Water on Snow: Effectively Using Ma Danyang’s Heavenly Star Points in Clinical Practice

For over 800 years acupuncturists have believed Ma Danyang’s collection of 12 points are the most important in Chinese medicine. Their efficacy is said to be like Hot Water on Snow, and it was cautioned their transmission only go to the worthy.

Today, all practitioners know and use them. But the power of these points is not unleashed by  inserting a needle and then leaving them alone. A practitioner must know how to needle them to achieve their full effects. It is a combination of accurate diagnosis, needling method and hand skill that rises these points above all others in efficacy. ‘To be worthy’ meant to be shown how to use them, not simply told to use them.

In my first acupuncture class under the late Professor Wang Jin-Huai, he read to me the Song of the Heavenly Star Points, impressing upon me their power and the ancient admonishment to never share it with the unscrupulous. He unlocked their meanings, and the late Dr. Xie Peiqi then taught me the ‘Qi’ skill to achieve their full potential.

When teaching this seminar, Andrew Nugent-Head teaches the Ma Danyang points as he was taught them, presenting the theory around the points and their different abilities as well as the hand techniques that maximize their potential. He also demonstrates using the Ma Danyang points as part of a protocol, taking the group through partnered practice sessions to move from theory into clinical practice in one weekend.

This page features the lecture portions of the London 2012 Ma Danyang seminar. It does not include the demonstrations and treatments.



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