Nine Essential Needling Techniques in the Clinic LONDON 2012



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This seminar is hosted by Yuji Seminars London

A needle is not meant to be inserted into a point, but to manipulate the Qi of a patient. The point is only a location, and its actions can only happen reliably with correct manipulation of the needle. Understanding how to change the motion and intensity of our needling and supporting hands as well as our body weight is critical to moving beyond insertion and hoped for results, and into tangibly creating warming, cooling, movement along the channels, gathering, spreading, filling or emptying sensations in our patients. Without these essential skills, we cannot hope to have predictable responses and reliable clinical results. In this seminar, Andrew walks through the physical mechanics of each technique as well as demonstrates them on volunteers from the audience to the keep the presentation practical. The Nine Essential Techniques covered are:

  1. Burning Mountain 燒山火法
  2. Cooling Sky 透天涼法
  3. Channel Traveling 行經通絡法
  4. Softening/Spreading 散法
  5. Gathering/Consolidating 聚法
  6. Sparrow Pecking 雀啄法
  7. Pulling Out 提氣法
  8. Pinning In 扣氣法
  9. Awakening the Yuan 醒元法


  • Location: Westminster University, London UK
  • Dates: November 19th & 20th
  • Costs & Information: contact Rupert Lander at rupertlander @



Andrew Nugent-Head lived in China for 28 years, studying under the last pre-liberation practitioners there in traditional mentor-disciple relationships. He studied classical Chinese and Daoism with the late scholar and calligrapher Wang Jin-Huai; he was the last formal disciple, translator and confidant of the late Yin Style Bagua practitioner Xie Peiqi, and is the closing door disciple of the last surviving member of the 500 Traditional Doctors to Save Chinese Medicine, 93 year old professor Li Hongxiang. Also no stranger to the official Chinese medical world, he has interned at the Beijing Hospital of Chinese Medicine and is a student of the doctoral program of Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine. Dedicated to teaching Chinese medicine, martial arts and internal cultivation in a tangible, application focused manner, Andrew returned to the United States in 2014 and is the chief practitioner of The Alternative Clinic, a Chinese medicine teaching clinic in Asheville, North Carolina.