The Shanghan Lun Translation Project: Introduction to Line 239

Taught by Andrew Nugent-Head, this ongoing course began in 2014 and will continue until he has completed the entire Shanghan Lun. As of Spring 2018, Andrew has translated and explained the Shanghan Lun from introduction to Line 239.



Course Handouts & Videos for Participants:

The handouts for this seminar can be accessed by clicking on the links below:






Working from Cheng Wuji’s commentary of the Shanghan Lun and from his teachers, Andrew Nugent-Head translates the Shanghan Lun and its commentaries character by character, line by line, clarifying its meanings and clinical applications. Designed to bring the Shanghan Lun to life for the non Chinese reader, ATS hopes to see its return to prominence as the most important clinical work in Chinese medical education.