Shen Nong Ben Cao Division of Herbs

The Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (Divine Farmer’s Classic of Materia Medica, 神農本草經), which was written around the end of the first century CE, is the earliest extant Chinese text that focused solely on the medicinal use of plants. Organizing 365 substances into 3 categories; upper herbs to be taken daily, middle herbs to be taken in deficiency, and lower herbs to be used to treat disease, the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing provides us with a crucial perspective on how to use herbs safely and effectively.

For a list of the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing division of herbs into upper, middle and lower categories please view the following PDF document: Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing Division of Herbs

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Look for JulieAnn Nugent-Head’s article on the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing  in the February 2014 issue of the Journal of Chinese Medicine!