Healing Without Medicines 4 Disc Set

HWOM Lecture
HWOM Lecture

Yin Style Bagua is system of personal cultivation that can be divided into two major categories: martial arts and health. The healing practices of YSB include the practice of Chinese medicine to heal others and the practice of internal cultivation (Daoyin, often referred to as Qigong today) to heal oneself of illness and maintain vitality into old age.

The self healing side of Yin Style Bagua contains 3 major practices which were the first areas of Yin Style Bagua ATS documented. They were drawn from Daoist and Buddhist roots and then interwoven within the Book of Changes understanding of the universe and of the human as its reflection. The Healing Without Medicines Collection of Yin Style Bagua includes:

  1. The Eight Healing Sounds of Yin Style Bagua
  2. The Twelve Guiding Energy Sitting Meditations of Yin Style Bagua
  3. The Luohan Patting System of Yin Style Bagua
  4.  The Healing Without Medicines Lecture

In the Healing Without Medicines Lecture filmed during Dr. Xie’s first visit to the United States. Dr. Xie lays out the foundation of self healing from its earliest origins to the powerful practices contained within Yin Style Bagua. It contains a broad amount of theory and information which is critical to those interested in internal cultivation/self healing, and Chinese medicine

Please note that the DVDs of the practices were designed as companions to the books of the same name that are currently out of print. ATS is working on rereleasing the books as a compendium, but does not have a date of publication available. The DVDs feature Dr. Xie practicing the exercises with minimal interruption and overdubbing. The DVDs are a fantastic window into the internal practices of the last person fully trained in the complete system of Yin Style Bagua.

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