Large Saber Training

Saber DVD for wp
Saber DVD for wp

The Large Saber Foundation Practices DVD contains drills gradually increasing in difficulty to build skill in the wielder without causing injury. The advanced drills are all moves taken from the Bagua Rolling Hand Saber Form (currently only taught in person), in preparation for learning the form. The DVD ends with teaching and demonstrating turning with the Large Saber according to the animals.

The Bagua Large Saber is the strength training tool of Bagua Practitioners. The traditional Bagua saber was smaller and designed for large scale melee and fighting mounted enemies. The larger, heavier design which ATS manufactured was designed by He Jinbao as an oversized training weapon to build core strength, arm endurance, and harmony of movement at speed. Its non sharpened blade, however allows poor habits and unrealistic moves that are not possible with sharpened weapons; and the lesser quality steel meant the tip bent easily.

Price: $15.00
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