Phoenix System Complete 10 Disc Set


The Phoenix system belongs to the Xun trigram, and is the most mature of the Yin trigrams. It is considered the older sister, and as such has a bit of that personality. While not dominant like the Yang trigrams, it is extremely tough. The Phoenix relies on speed, redirecting the opponent to weaken their force, and following strike upon strike to win. It is ideally suited to people with long limbs who are quick. This is hardly set in stone, though, as Phoenix is Dr. Xie’s favorite animal to fight with, and he is only 5’5″. A generalization is that the Phoenix strikes the opponent after making sure it is out of the way of their attack.

This 10 disc set features 2 Foundation Practices DVDs as well as the Dodging, Extending, Chopping, Shocking, Transforming, Removing, Curling In and Stabbing Strike Attack Methods.

Price: $99.00
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