Tangible Acupuncture Intro Seminar

Acupuncture is tangibly manipulating Qi in a patient. It is directly interfacing with their Qi, a connection from the hand of the practitioner, through the needle, into a point in the patient. What marks a classically trained acupuncturist is what happens after we De Qi–that is to say, it is what we do with the Qi once we have connected with it.

This introductory seminar returns us to the path of our ancestors, to the perspective of the Classical Acupuncturist. It is leaving the current paradigm of waiting for something to happen when needling a patient and returning to actively manipulating Qi at every point we use.

It is knowing that we ourselves must have tangible skill, that our focus is on tangibly treating the suffering, and this is tangibly achieved through hands on training guided by the seminal texts of our medicine.

This is the introductory seminar to the in depth Tangible Acupuncture Seminar seminar series held in New York throughout 2014. This introductory course has been approved for 8 hours of CEU credit by the California Acupuncture Board. To take this course for CEU credit, please visit our Training Programs tab and look for Online Courses.

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