Tangible Qi in Clinical Practice (June 2015 Pre-Requisite Course)

This page is for the participants of the June 2015 Tangible Qi in Clinical Practice course. It contains the required video lectures prior to attending the seminar as well as the actual seminar footage for revew.

If you are interested in attending this course, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR THE JANUARY 2016 COURSE DATES



Live Seminar Footage from Seminar

Required Video Viewing Prior to Seminar

Strongly Suggested Viewing Prior to Seminar


This is the required foundations seminar for the Acupuncture for Internal Diseases, Acupuncture for External Injuries, and the Yin Style Bagua Bodywork training courses.  You must complete this seminar prior to beginning any of these programs. It features both required online viewing of lectures and in person training in techniques.

Seminar content first focuses on what ATS calls Demystifying Qi, creating a grounding of what Qi really is and isn’t as well as a common language for participants to use for all modules to follow. This is followed by what ATS calls Developing Tangible Qi, which is seeing and training in how to tangibly and reliably affect Qi in patients by applying hand techniques to the skin, connective/muscular tissue, and skeletal system. Throughout, participants train in the Eight Storing Qi & Developing Sensitivity Practices, as well as learn how to adapt their own personal cultivation exercises to the clinical application of tangible Qi manipulation for reliable, repeatable treatment results.

    • 12 Contact Hours
    • 5 Video Lecture Hours
    • TOTAL CEU HOURS:  17
    • COST OF PROGRAM: $300
    • June 22-24, 2015 Asheville, NC USA
    • 9:00am to 1:00pm each day

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