TQIC 2018 Zurich

Taught by Andrew Nugent-Head, attendance of this seminar is required before attending the Acupuncture for Internal Diseases, Acupuncture for External Injuries, and Chinese Bodywork for Clinical Practice training courses. This program is hosted by Nicolas Leimgruber in Zurich, Switzerland.

This critical seminar first focuses on what ATS calls Demystifying Qi, creating a grounding of what Qi really is and isn’t as well as a common language for participants to use for all modules to follow. This is followed by what ATS calls Developing Tangible Qi, which is seeing and training in how to tangibly and reliably affect Qi in patients by applying hand techniques to the skin, connective/muscular tissue, and skeletal system. Throughout, participants train in the Eight Storing Qi & Developing Sensitivity Practices, as well as learn how to adapt their own personal cultivation exercises to the clinical application of tangible Qi manipulation for reliable, repeatable treatment results.

ATS training courses use a flipped classroom model. Participants watch all lectures online and then attend practicum training in person. This course features:

11 Home Study CEU hours of video lectures
12 Practicum CEU hours in Zurich, Switzerland January 13-14
For registration information, please email info@tcm-leimgruber.ch




Required Home Study Viewing 01: Demystifying Qi

Required Home Study Viewing 02: Tangible Qi

Required Home Study Viewing 03: Learning the Eight Storing Qi & Developing Sensitivity Practices

TQIC 2018 Zurich Live Seminar Footage: