The State of Chinese Medicine In China Today

“Understanding the recent history of Chinese Medicine is critical to understanding Chinese medicine—its history has defined the books we read, schools we have, and teachers we meet.”

In this fascinating lecture, Andrew Nugent-Head takes us on a tour of the issues and realities facing Chinese medicine today in Mainland China. Beginning with a brief history of Chinese medicine from the invasion of the Western Allied Powers in the late 1800’s through the Nationalist Reforms, Communist Restructuring and the current free-for-all market economy, Mr. Nugent-Head addresses all of the major factors contributing to the state of Chinese medicine in China today.

Whether you are a practitioner or patient, a sinofile or lay person, this is an incredible opportunity to listen to a first hand account from someone who has lived in China for almost 30 years.

This lecture is approved for CEU credit. To take the online course please see the training programs tab above.
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