ATS & Education

What makes ATS unique is the preservation philosophy of It Takes Three. There has to be a traditional practitioner with knowledge worth documenting; there must be a bicultural individual committed to maintaining its authenticity as it bridges cultures; and there has to be a community interested in learning the art wherever that may be in the world. Without the practitioner, there is no one to document; without the bridge, there is no way to document; and without an audience there is no reason to document.

We believe preservation of knowledge is not like preservation in archeology. We want you to touch it. Without active dissemination aimed toward continuation, there is no true preservation regardless of how many hours of footage are shot or manuscripts copied. And if traditional knowledge has something to offer society today, then once it is helped into the modern world it should be able to continue, flourish and grow. The difficulty is in linking the practitioner to the audience while ensuring the knowledge remains deep and authentic in the transmission. This is done through education.

ATS is about education. Traditional practitioners learn how organize their organic experience into a teaching method, modern students learn how to absorb this knowledge in an authentic way. Clear, tangible teaching is the key to its preservation. This is the principle that guides every video ATS creates and every seminar it organizes. Our mission is education, and our success or failure is judged each time you visit our store or attend a workshop. We take this to heart in every decision we make.