ATS & Internal Cultivation

altInternal cultivation is the intentional act of seeking to improve one’s body, mind and spirit. Just as a field must be tilled and a garden must be tended to yield results, so must we cultivate ourselves from the inside out to enrich our physical and spiritual being. A part of almost every culture and religion, the ancient Chinese made an art out of internal cultivation based on Chinese medicine and naturalist philosophy.

Nature is a macrocosm of inter-connected relationship, each person is a microcosm of nature. To understand nature, one must study oneself; to understand oneself, one must study nature. ATS feels that having an internal practice is a key part of being fully human. Whether it be reading scripture, cultivating mindfulness, silent meditation or practicing arts such as Yin Style Bagua, all throw light on ourselves and strive to teach us harmony within and without.

For the Chinese, The Yi Jing, or Book of Changes is the foundation of understanding change and maintaining harmony within the flux of change. The art of Yin Style Bagua manifests the Yi Jing as an intentional practice through internal cultivation (daoyin). While its martial arts were famous, and its medicine kept secret, the true core of Bagua was daoyin. Through daoyin, the martial artist attained mental strength and physical agility; and the medical practitioner developed deep health and body awareness. Those following Daoyin as their only path understood cause and effect, and the oneness of all things.

The amount and variety of internal practices within Yin Style Bagua are staggering. Daoyin is how Dr. Xie began Andrew Nugent-Head’s Yin Style Bagua practice, and what he chose to teach the most on his travels to the west. ATS gathered incredible footage and writings from Dr. Xie on this as