ATS & Chinese Medicine

ATS  is dedicated to sharing what Chinese medicine is, its evolution, and the realities of Chinese medicine today. It is also the premiere resource of high end information for practitioners looking to further their practice.

Chinese medicine stands to make the greatest contribution as we redefine health and wellness today. Be it acupuncture, natural herbs, health exercises, diet, lifestyle counseling, or simply understanding how to live in harmony with your environment instead of fighting it, no other biomedical alternative brings such comprehensive resources to treating illness and maintaining health with over 2,000 years of proven efficacy.

But true Chinese medicine changed when it was socialized in the 1950’s and then re-invented during the Cultural Revolution. Even now as the Chinese government battles its own bureaucracy to recover the medicine’s roots, the last traditional practitioners who were educated before Communism have all but vanished. ATS has been in China for 25 years documenting their knowledge, preserving their practices, and bringing it to practitioners and patients alike.

Chinese Medicine is now ATS’ primary preservation focus. The difference between classical practice and what has been taught in schools for the past 50 years must be brought to light. Our mission is to return authentic Chinese medicine back to the clinic, one practitioner at a time.