Classical Theory in Clinical Practice Seminar

understanding Chinese Medicine pathology and physiology in actual patients

Friday 20th Nov through Sunday 22nd of Nov 2020, London

Note: Friday seminar will be 12:30 pm to 19:00 pm to allow overseas participants to arrive.

This watershed event will be one of the most groundbreaking seminars Andrew Nugent-Head has ever taught. After years of teaching the foundations of acupuncture, bodywork, and herbs, one thing has become apparent observing students: the learning of the what and how to treat has been easy to accomplish for those who make the effort—but the why and when of applying it is the missing link between their level of success in the clinic and his.

With this seminar, Andrew Nugent-Head moves beyond teaching techniques and goes into the traditional views of Qi and Blood that were drilled into him by his teachers while watching them treat patient after patient, year after year. Without learning to see how classical theory manifests in real humans, we end up in the hands of 辨證論治: we end up letting pattern names define the treatments we give without a true understanding of the person we are treating.

“Zangfu Theory, Six Division Theory, San Jiao, Wei Qi Ying Xue are fantastic diagnostic tools, but they traditionally assumed an innate understanding of how Qi and Blood move in the body, and how Yin and Yang wax and wane with age or illness. This is what has been lost in the teaching of Chinese medicine today. This is why practitioners graduating from schools in the East or West are pattern fixated instead of person focused. Suddenly, a wiry pulse or a swollen tongue leads to a diagnosis and treatment, which is as far from traditional Chinese medicine as we can get. The tongue, pulse and perceived sensations of hot and cold indicate the state of an individual’s Qi and Blood, they do not indicate illness or health. In understanding the Qi and Blood of a patient we have clear expectations of what illnesses they face, what strategies will or won’t work, and can thus predict treatment outcome with certainty. We must return this innate and traditional understanding of Qi and Blood to modern education or our medicine will continue to be a hollow reflection of the clinical efficacy it once had.”

In this three-day seminar Andrew will explain the physiology and pathology of Yin, Yang, Qi and Blood. Every bit of theoretical knowledge will be laid out in the context of the clinic and reflect the patient-centric view of traditional practice. Participants will also learn to ‘see’ a patient’s Qi and Blood through pulse and tongue training during practice sessions.

While this seminar is open to all, seats are limited and priority will be given to those who have been training with Andrew since 2011. Be sure to register early to ensure your place.

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