The Most Important Seminar to Attend in 2020!

2020 Clinical Skills Summit Europe: Italy

• New & Continuing Practitioners: July 22 to 24

• Senior Practitioners: July 2o to 24

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• All courses are 100% non refundable, no exceptions. Please be sure you can attend before paying!

• New Participant? You must enroll in and complete the online Tangible Qi in the Clinic course before Summit.

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Clinical Skills Training Summit: Integrating Tangible Acupuncture and Bodywork Skills into Your Practice
This clinical skills focused summit is all about raising the level of efficacy of your treatments by focusing on specific conditions commonly seen in the clinic. Andrew will discuss the condition, then demonstrate a complete treatment protocol featuring acupuncture and bodywork on an attendee. Participants will then practice the protocol on each other, working with Senior Practitioners and Andrew for maximum learning.

Whether you have been with us for years and are looking to get corrections to solidify the skills you already have; or have been learning online and now ready to begin training in person, this is the summit to attend. Meet senior practitioners who have successfully integrated Tangible Acupuncture into their practices and network with colleagues as eager as you to return this medicine to a clinically focused, results based practice. Come train, practice, learn and spend time with Andrew and the growing community of practitioners seeking a more tangible level of practice for their patients.

New & Continuing Participant Training: 3 Days, July 22 to 24
• Total Training Hours: 19.5 hours
• Cost: $450
• For Continuing Participants, expect deeper instruction on already learned techniques in a protocol focused program, as well as practice/receive them from other practitioners dedicated to integrating them in their practice for a higher level of feedback and learning not possible from patients.

• For New Participants, expect a crash course in learning Tangible Acupuncture by training with a room full of experienced practitioners who are excited to show you just how effective clinically focused acupuncture can be. Partner with Senior Practitioners during practicums for immediate feedback and corrections on techniques. NOTE: New Participants must have completed the Tangible Qi in the Clinic online course or one of our Tangible Acupuncture in person training courses and can provide the certificate as proof of completion at the Summit.

Senior Practitioner Training: 5 days, July 20 to 24
• Who Can Attend: by invitation/application only
• Cost: $450 for the full 5 days. Five day commitment is required to attend – do not ask for exceptions, please!
• Content Focus: opportunity to have Andrew both demonstrate and receive techniques from some of the participants as well as have technique feedback from other practitioners fully trained and experienced with our style of clinical practice. This will also feature candid conversations about strategies and current successes and failures in the clinic during demonstrations. Finally, Senior Practitioners will assist in the following three days of the summit, learning teaching skills and being challenged to perform for the continuing and new participants.