Enlivening the Spirit & Lengthening the Years

Learn to Create Classically Inspired Health Teasanes for Your Patients & Yourself!

Whether you are new to herbs and not sure where to begin, or an experienced herbalist looking to access deeper understanding, this seminar is designed for you. Using the oldest herbal textbook as our guide, JulieAnn Nugent-Head opens up the two thousand years old Shen Nong Ben Cao’s chapter on herbs for health and longevity. An experienced clinical herbalist and farmer of medicinal plants, JulieAnn knows which herbs taste delicious as a ‘teasane’, what they do for our well-being, and the best brewing methods to use.

Participants will learn which herbs the Shen Nong Ben Cao considers to lighten the body, benefit the qi, and prevent aging. Participants will also learn to use Nei Jing theory to choose which substances are appropriate for themselves and their patients.  This seminar includes tasting a variety of herbal teas to experience how they feel in the body. Participants will leave with the ability to confidently use and prescribe 20 herbs as easy to prepare health teas, as well as understand how to explore other herbs on their own.

  • hours total: 12 hours
  • presenter: JulieAnn Nugent-Head
  • in person location: Zurich, Switzerland. Class size is limited to 30 participants THERE ARE ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT
  • zoom option: registration ends October 21st!
  • date: October 23-24, 2021
  • time: Saturday: 12.30 till 19.00 / Sunday: 9.30 till 16.00
  • cost for in person: Swiss Francs 500 CHF, register here at bottom of the page
  • cost for zoom attendance: $400 USD, payable at the bottom of this page

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