Seeking Treatment Through ATS

• In Asheville, NC: The Alternative Clinic is open at 23 Broadway! We specialize in the treatment of external injury and miscellaneous disease. All consultations must be scheduled via the clinic site online booking system. For more information please visit

• In Beijing: clients in Beijing still have the opportunity to see Dr. Li Hongxiang, who at 90 years old is without a doubt the last great Pre Communist practitioner of Chinese Medicine. He treats by appointment only on Tuesday and Friday mornings at the Beijing Hotel’s Famous Practitioner Clinic. Due to his age, be sure to confirm the day before your scheduled appointment that he is coming in. English translation services are available. To book an appointment, please call 010-6522-9009, send an e-mail to or visit their Chinese website at:

What to Expect:

• For consultations with Andrew or JulieAnn Nugent-Head in Asheville: a treatment session is usually 30-40 minutes. Depending on the complexity of the condition, a first consultation is usually spent in understanding the condition and discussing treatment options, with only a small portion of time left for an actual physical treatment. Subsequent visits are focused on physical treatments, and all patients should expect to be prescribed an herbal regimen to follow during the course of treatments.

• For consultations with Dr. Li Hongxiang, a translator with moderate English language skill is usually at the clinic. Patients must schedule ahead of time and should be on time though Dr. Li often runs a bit late due to the complexity of the cases he sees. Dr. Li will conduct a thorough interview, examine the tongue and pulse, then prescribe herbs which can be filled by the pharmacy and delivered within the Beijing city area.

For more information, please contact Andrew or JulieAnn via email at the address below. Due to their work and travel schedule, they are unable to talk with prospective clients or book appointments over the phone:

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