65 Free Videos & Counting on Our New Youtube Channel ‘traditionalstudies’

Dear Friends,

We are 65 free videos and counting towards our goal of ‘Every Video Free at ATS’. We received so much positive feedback from our free videos we are moving every video for free onto our new Youtube channel ‘traditionalstudies’. It will take the rest of 2013, but everything will be up there for free–all of our Yin Style Bagua martial arts videos, all of our Chinese medicine videos as we edit through them, internal cultivation practices such as the Luohan Patting Method and Eight Healing Sounds, and our newest releases in Chinese Culture: the Lao Zi/Dao De Jing Translation videos.

We have already posted over 65 videos on our Youtube channel, and every video can also be viewed directly on our website in a more easily navigated format. So please visit www.youtube.com/user/traditionalstudies, check out the playlists, and be sure to subscribe to show your support for this incredible amount of free information on the internet. Look for the Yin Style Bagua Lion System and the just taught Introduction to Classical Herbalism seminar to go up before the end of the month, with the rest making its way up in November and December.

ATS is also now focusing on more in-depth training programs for Chinese medicine practitioners. Along with weekend introductory courses like Tangible Acupuncture this December in NYC, we are running 36 and 72 hour training programs in classical acupuncture and classical herbalism for 2014 in New York, London and on the internet via live broadcast. We are translating the Shanghan Lun in a live seminar format, and we are teaching the skills necessary at the depth necessary to build clinical efficacy of acupuncture and herbs for every practitioner seeking to return to classical practice. Watch the free videos online to see what kind of clinical knowledge we are teaching, and whether it is right for you. If it is, visit our site and register for the upcoming programs to take your practice to the next level. All of our programs, distance learning and live broadcasts are CEU approved, so learn while earning all the hours you need for recertification.

Our new website, built from the ground up, has all of the information you need to learn more about who ATS is: a not for profit dedicated to documenting China’s traditional knowledge and sharing it with you. Come visit, spend some time, watch the hundreds of hours of free video on China’s arts being posted, and learn about our mission. Because our mission is bringing you the best of over 20 years of documenting knowledge in China.

Andrew Nugent-Head, President

Upcoming Programs:
December 14-15, 2013–Introduction to Tangible Acupuncture
March-May 2014–Tangible Acupuncture; Treating Internal Disharmonies I
March-May 2014–The Classical Herbalist I
September-November 2014–Tangible Acupuncture; Treating Internal Disharmonies II
September-November 2014–The Classical Herbalist II
October 2014-January-March 2015–Tangible Acupuncture; Treating Physical Injuries

Our Site: www.traditionalstudies.org
Our Channel: youtube.com/user/traditionalstudies

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