Our Mission

ATS is a 501c3 not for profit organization dedicated to the preservation, documentation, and dissemination of China’s traditional knowledge. Focusing on the last generation of practitioners who were born and educated pre 1949, we have published 60 educational videos, organized 120 seminars, generated over $250,000 in royalties and archived over 1,000 hours of audio and video material since 1991.

The Association believes that the survival of traditional knowledge is imperative as we face issues of sustainability and development in the 21st century. ATS further believes that for this knowledge to survive in today’s world, it must prove itself useful, becoming independent of the philanthropic world.

The Association for Traditional Studies makes this possible by allowing traditional practitioners to reach out from their worlds through articles, books, videos, seminars and classes. This is done by using bi-cultural individuals fluent in both traditional cultures and society today to bridge old and new. Transitioning into the modern world is a difficult path that needs careful guidance. If not carefully protected, the knowledge loses authenticity in the process.

Before these practitioners and their knowledge are self sufficient, however, they need the hard work and help of organizations such as ATS, and individual people such as yourself. The greatest race for the Association now is against time. Traditional knowledge is disappearing fast, and the few traditional practitioners left are very old. Your help in insuring we can work fast enough to make a difference is very important.

Financial donations, as well as donations of services and equipment, are tax deductible. Please visit our donate page.