Terms of Purchase & Non Refund Policy

Association for Traditional Studies Events 100% Non Refund Policy

All ATS organized and hosted events, be it online or in person, are 100% NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE from the moment of purchase for any reason. Please be absolutely certain you are able to attend or complete the course you wish to attend before purchasing an ATS program. This applies to in person and online programs.

All events that feature ATS presenters but are organized and run by a host organization follows the host organization’s refund policies and participants are directed to contact the host organization directly.

1. If the seminar or event is cancelled by ATS, or the ATS presenter does not show for the seminar due to travel or other reasons, ATS will provide a full refund to all participants.

2. If there are acts of weather leading to inability to travel for participants who then miss the entire seminar but the ATS presenter does make the seminar or event and does teach the seminar or event, then the seminar cost is not refundable to the participant. Please plan your travel with enough extra time to account for any travel difficulties that may arise.

Why Such a Strict Non Refund Policy?

There are several reasons for adopting such a seemingly non compassionate refund policy. As of 2015, all of our programs feature many hours of proprietary video lectures which must be viewed online prior to the seminar. It has come to our attention that individuals signed up for a seminar to gain access to the material, and then cancelled after pirating the videos prior to attendance. Piracy of ATS videos and thus the loss of royalties to the traditional people it works with has been an ongoing battle for ATS, and our 100% non refundable policy reflects that.

ATS in person training programs now limit enrollment to ensure in depth exposure to the material. The 100% non refundable policy helps ensure that everyone in the program is committed to being there and has planned accordingly. As many of our participants travel from all over the country to attend ATS programs, we cannot run a waiting list to fill in last minute cancellations.

Finally, after over 20 years of running programs, we have realized it is simply too hard to keep track of the number of cancellations, program transfers, etc that come up with as much teaching as we do. We understand that unexpected events happen, family members become sick, and plans change. All of these things happen in our family, as well. But in trying to accommodate the many permutations life can present for the many people attending our programs, we have found we end up creating more difficulties in the process. Thus, we hope that everyone taking our programs takes their attendance seriously, plans accordingly, and should they not be able to attend, view the cost of their program as a tax deductible donation to support our important work. Please be sure to ask for our EIN for your tax records if this should happen to you.

Association for Traditional Studies DVD Refund Policy

DVD purchases are not refundable under any circumstances. If you receive a DVD you believe to be faulty, please contact us and return the disc within 15 days of purchase. We will replace the disc free of charge if we are able to replicate the error you describe.