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Founded in 1992, the Association for Traditional Studies is a 501c3 not for profit dedicated to bringing eastern traditions of medicine & mindfulness to the modern world. Working with a network of individuals & organizations, ATS believes the solutions to many of the challenges we face today can be found in the paths of wisdom developed long ago. Through lectures, publications, symposiums, online and in person seminars, Chinese medicine clinics, sustainable farming of medicinal herbs, and providing community spaces, we are dedicated to shifting the world one individual at a time.


The Work We Do & the Organizations Involved with ATS

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Asia House 828 is our community learning center in Asheville, North Carolina. Featuring health and wellness classes, evening lectures, yoga, taiji, meditation & much more. A place for the community to gather is the first step in building a more mindful community.

Beyond Organic is what agriculture needs to be. Growing medicinal herbs & tea, along with traditional garden crops, Appalasia Farm showcases natural farming methods and how to bring them to market to encourage small scale farming and land preservation.


Since 1992, ATS has trained & inspired many lives through its work. Whether in England, Switzerland, Germany, across the USA or just about anywhere, you can find people who have modeled their work after our mission & are busy changing their communities one individual at a time.

every tradition began for a reason

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