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Everything You Need to Know Before You Ask

Thank you for considering hosting a Traditional Studies training program! Below is a brief overview of how we work with hosting organizations, as well as the list of courses being offered at this time. If after careful review you would like to book a seminar or seminar series, please email us to begin organizing dates and content.

Regards, Andrew Nugent-Head

Who is Authorized to Teach an Association for Traditional Studies Program?
Many practitioners who have studied with us in the past are currently teaching material that either contains or is similar to what Andrew and JulieAnn Nugent-Head teach. ATS does not create licensing structures or official authorizations, and any previous participant is free to use the material they learn from us in whatever manner they choose. Should you have a question about someone claiming to represent or teach our material, simply email us with the person’s name and course content. We will happily give you an honest assessment of the person in question.

ATS has, however, produced a number of recognized Senior Practitioners who are capable of speaking and teaching on what we call Tangible Acupuncture and Full Strength Chinese Medicine to one degree or another. Many of them are actively teaching and offering clinical observation opportunities to see their practices in action. They can be trusted to provide a certain level of skill and will be honest about what they can and cannot do. A list of recognized Senior Practitioners is below. The information that follows refers only to Andrew or JulieAnn Nugent-Head.


What Kind of Seminars Do We Offer?
Aside from our teachers presenting at conferences or giving lectures, our teaching takes two major formats:
• Stand alone 2-3 day seminar on a specific topic. All lecture and practical portions are presented on location OR there is online lecture material to be viewed ahead of the in person practical training of the course. This is usually the best choice for hosts unfamiliar with us or unsure of their audience.
• Intensive multi-module training programs, usually 5 modules completed within a 10 month period. Using a flipped classroom model, participants watch hours of video lecture prior to each module and then work on practical training in person. These programs give the greatest depth in training we currently provide.

Financial Considerations for Hosting a Seminar
The financial commitment for hosting a seminar is quite simple. ATS’ honorarium is either 60% of the gross take of the seminar, or a guaranteed minimum per teaching hour, whichever is greater. Both sides (host and ATS) pay all their own expenses, and neither side deducts or asks to be compensated for any expenses that may unexpectedly appear. These considerations only apply to ATS. For rates and courses taught by its Senior Practitioners, please contact them directly.

• ATS minimum guarantee per teaching hour:
– domestic United States, Canada and Mexico: $600 per teaching hour minimum guarantee
– international locations: $800 per teaching hour minimum guarantee

• The hosting organization must pay $1,500 non refundable deposit for booking a seminar at the time of agreement. No seminar is considered booked until this fee is paid. This deposit is deducted from the honorarium earned by ATS.

• The hosting organization may cancel the seminar, only forfeiting the non refundable deposit up to 60 days before the first day of the seminar.

• Neither host nor presenter are held financially responsible for a seminar that cannot be held due to acts of nature, catastrophic events, or other influences beyond the power of the host or presenter.

• Please note that all bank transfer, currency conversion and any other fees associated with payment of the honorarium to ATS are the responsibility of the host and will be paid for in full by the host.

Audio & Video of Seminar
• All seminars featuring ATS presenters are filmed by ATS. Live seminar footage will be made available to all attendees of the seminar who are active ATS Website Members for free, and will be available to them for review as long as they are active website members. All rights to the footage from the seminar belong to ATS.

• The host and participants are not allowed to audio or video the seminar themselves, and the presenter reserves the right to stop the seminar and/or ask a participant to leave who is found recording the seminar.

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